If I Can't Convince You to Practice

I won't be able to help you become A Funnier You.

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Talent or Skill?

If you distilled all the new science about talent development into two words of advice, they would be “practice better.” — Daniel Coyle

Thankfully neuroscience has revealed some key secrets to becoming whatever you'd like to become. The key secret is practice. But, not just any practice will do. No, you need "better practice" to really become A Funnier You. Each practice workout is designed with "practice better" as the key requirement.

To save you a load of time and effort, I've created the most complete practice program available for those wanting to become funnier.

The Daily Practice Snack provides an opportunity to play with some of the foundational skills and thinking necessary to be funnier. 

Next, the Weekly Workout provides very specific practice sessions for the Hook 'em with Humor Tool Kit utilizing hand selected speeches and presentations. 

Finally, the Monthly Challenge will help you dig deep and really hone your new skill set resulting in you recognizing your new found confidence and skills.

Grab the Practice Bundle and Save Big while becoming A Funnier You.


Get the Practice Bundle

The Practice Bundle

The Practice Bundle includes Lifetime Access to ALL of the practice workouts. Each practice workout is available separately too.

Daily Practice Snack

Daily "practice snacks" give you the opportunity to practice on the go in 5, 10, or 15 minute bites. Develop the skills necessary to become A Funnier You.

Weekly Workout

Weekly workouts provide you the opportunity to "stretch your humor legs" and practice the Humor Toolkit processes found in Hook 'em with Humor.


Monthly Challenge

The monthly challenge will give you the opportunity to put your humor skills to the test. Using hand selected speeches you'll have the perfect conditions to experience your progress.

Weekly Joke Writing

Grab the Practice Bundle now and lock in the price. You'll get access to weekly joke writing workouts too!

Funnier? Not Without Better Practice.

The one thing you must do to develop the skills necessary to become funnier is practice. The Practice Bundle provides the perfect mix of daily, weekly, and monthly skill building practice. Do the work and I promise you will be A Funnier You.


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