About Rick and A Funnier You

Hi, I’m Rick. People consider me to be a naturally funny guy.

All of my friends would say the same thing, “You are so funny, you should really do stand-up comedy.”

I finally gave in and decided to give it a try in October of 2011 and…I struggled, I struggled hard. Because I don’t like failing, I studied and read books. To be completely candid I nearly quit.

Finally though I found an excellent coach and mentor. And…he let me in on a little secret; he shared something with me that no one else did. He revealed the specific triggers of human laughter and the exact formulas I could use to be good on stage.

That’s right…

He revealed the specific formulas that comedians and comedy writers use to consistently generate laughs.
That information provided a critical breakthrough for me. As a result, I got my first paid stand-up comedy gig only 2 months later. Not only that, I was paid to headline in less than 3 years doing stand-up comedy. These “magical” formulas provided a massive boost to my comedy career.

However, in the midst of that journey I made an amazing discovery.

I was at a restaurant with about 10 friends celebrating a birthday and (I don’t mean to brag) I was making the group laugh. Now this wasn’t an uncommon occurrence but something was different this time.

This time, I realized something truly fascinating.

I discovered that even though I was being my “naturally funny” self, one of my mentor’s formulas was in-play.
So, I started paying attention and sure enough, whenever I was being “naturally funny” and making people laugh, at least one (often two or more) of the formulas was involved.

What a startling discovery…
For years I really believed that someone was either funny or they weren’t. But every time I was being “naturally funny” I was using the same formulas comedians and comedy writers used, I just didn’t know it.

Since then I’ve taken those formulas, combined them with my experience of being naturally funny, and added in concepts of skill development and learning to create my own system to help people be “naturally funny” too.

Now, I use my Funnier You FormulaTM to teach and coach my clients so that they can be “naturally funny.”
As a result, my clients make more sales, are more attractive, better speakers, better leaders and more successful in whatever they do.

But wait, there’s more…
I also developed The Laugh Generator ProcessTM so that anyone can simply and easily add humor to a speech or presentation.

I invite you to join me, I will teach you to be funnier too. I coach and help people be funnier both in person and online.


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